Universal Martial Arts Academy & Training Center

  At the Corporate office we have a "TRUE BELIEVERS WALL OF HONOR". This wall is dedicated to those who truly believe that the youth and battered women in this country can be helped.  The following are Martial Artists who support and BELIEVE in the mission and programming at UMAATC.  We appreciate their support and encouragement!

Sr. Grandmaster Frank Dux

Frank W. Dux leads an interesting life, but not many know of his childhood or biographical information. Frank Dux can be also referred to as Shidoshi Dux and Hanshi Frank Dux. He has battled various fighters of many styles and backgrounds in different types of tournaments, bouts, underground fights, and most of all, the secretly held contest called the Kumite. A Kumite is a secret subterranean tournament of the world’s greatest fighters from all different styles. At the Kumite, the best of the best will meet and fight for honor, courage, integrity, and perseverance. The best overall fighter will prevail, earn the title of the “Supreme Warrior” and receive the elite and exclusive Kumite Sword. Dux is triumphant due to his skillfulness, determination, and absolute fortune.

He achieved international recognition and gratitude as one of the foremost chief experts in self-defense and personal growth. He has been the subject matter of numerous articles, television interviews, and film features such as the famous movie based upon his life called Bloodsport.

Sr. Grandmaster Charles Dixon

Sholin Goju

Founder of Shinjimasu International Martial Arts (SIMA) – SIMA cannot be described as a style but rather a system. Unique in the approach to the Martial Arts, SIMA allows a member to learn more than one style within a system, allowing a member to choose a style tailored to his or her personality. Shinjimasu International is not one style but a home for all martial artists of various styles. Each instructor may teach his or her own style as a part of the Shinjimasu family.


Grandmaster Alonzo Wilson

Phone: 214-407-1901


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