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This page is dedicated to the late Grand Master Mr. Edmund K. Parker for the art he developed and Lives he touched and inspired.  May all that we do Honor his Memory.


                      Interview of Mr. Parker, late night show in Ireland, late 80's        


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Ed Parker Jr - 1st Degree Black Belt



Edmund Kealoha Parker, Jr. (professionally known as Ed  Parker, Jr.) was born on November 15, 1959, in Glendale,  California.  Ed is the son of the late Ed Parker, Sr., Senior Grandmaster and founder of American Kenpo karate. Ed, Jr. was reared in Southern California.

            For 4 years Ed focused his talents to the drawing of a tribute to the legacy of Ed Parker, Sr.: a series of portraits of prominent individuals within martial arts and the Kenpo industry. Thus far, over 500 portraits have been completed; a recent addition is a portrait of Sifu Mack which he completed in 2011.

In the year 2004, he founded and started EPAKS, Inc. a company dedicated towards the publishing and producing of high quality teaching and learning materials for the martial arts industry. He has produced over 120 paintings featuring kenpo techniques; each painting has been transformed into decks of training cards in which he has produced two decks of 60 cards each.  He has also released his first authored book on the "Kenpo  Kards" that  he produced. To find out more about these cards click here Kenpo Kards.

Mr. Lelliott with Mr. Parker

Professor Graham Lelliott
 - 6th Degree Black Belt (Click on Name to visit his website).
Graham Lelliott began his Karate training in 1974 on the Island of Jersey. This is the largest of a small group of Islands in the English Channel, collectively known as the Channel Islands and the place where Graham was born in 1948.

He is one of only three Europeans who were physically tested and promoted by Senior Grand Master Edmund Parker from 1st to 4th Degree in Europe. He was promoted to the status of First generation Black Belt when Mr. Parker signed his 4th Degree certificate as his instructor. This is something he is exceptionally proud of.

 (Permission to reprint given by Mr. Lelliott 4/19/05)

Huk Planas - 9th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Planas began his training in Kenpo in Fresno, Ca. in the late sixties under Steve Labounty and Tom Kelly. He moved to Texas to Help Tom Kelly open a school in El Paso in 1969 and then moved to Pasadena, California to go to work for Ed Parker as a Brown Belt. He received his Black Belt and all subsequent rank through Ed Parker up to Seventh Degree, the highest non-honorary, non-political rank given by Parker in 1985. He became the Manager of the Pasadena school for several years as well as the E.V.P. of the I.K.K.A. for the last ten years Parker lived.
(Permission to reprint given by Mr. Planas 4/19/05)

Sean P. Kelley

Mr. Kelly meet Grandmaster Ed Parker in 1978.  Mr. Kelley developed an appreciation and respect for the art of American Kenpo. When he moved to Florida in 1983, Sean Kelley began serious training in Mr. Parker's art, opening his own Kenpo School in 1985.

Chinese Karate Federation (CKF) President Sean P. Kelley is a 6th Degree Black Belt in Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate, and the owner and head instructor of Kelley Karate Center, Inc. in Greenacres, Florida. Mr. Kelley is well known for his ability to teach students from the youngest kenpoists through advanced adults. In addition to his regular classes and private students, he teaches at seminars throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information on Mr. Kelley and the Kelley Karate Center, please visit www.seankelley.com

Additional Martial Artist

Sr. Grandmaster Frank Dux

Founder of Shinjimasu International Martial Arts (SIMA) ? SIMA cannot be described as a style but rather a system. Unique in the approach to the Martial Arts, SIMA allows a member to learn more than one style within a system, allowing a member to choose a style tailored to his or her personality. Shinjimasu International is not one style but a home for all martial artists of various styles. Each instructor may teach his or her own style as a part of the Shinjimasu family.


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Grandmaster Alonzo Wilson


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