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Making a World of Difference Through Volunteering and Community Involvement"

At UMAATC we have many opprotunities for volunteers. Many people involved with UMAATC work tirelessly to make a difference and positively impact the lives of others through volunteering, while along the way motivating many to do the same. Imagine a place where everyone is linked together by their good deeds. A place where we all seek out ways to have a positive affect on another's life. A place where everyone in some way helps everyone. To often we overlook the power of a helping hand and providing a positive presence in others lives. Well, such place can exist if each of us takes an active role in volunteering.

Direct Service Work

Direct service comprises hands-on involvement and the implementation of organizational non profit programs. Direct service can be one-time only projects, an on-going commitment, working with a group, working alone, in a set location or moving from place to place, the category holds tremendous variety. Many direct-service assignments consist of very basic activities but are very badly needed by the people or causes served. It encompasses anything from filling paper work, spending time with youth to complicated technical work. The possibilities are endless.

Ways to Give Direct Service is the last part in the volunteering series. I hope that I have inspired you to become a volunteer or to rededicate some of your time and talents to volunteering again. Tap into your own creativity to find new and exciting ways to give. Direct service is easy to give and is something both adults and children can do. It is something that you can do on your own or with your family. Below is a list of direct service you might perform. My hope is that this list will jog your awareness of your desire as well your abilities: Here are ideas to help you get started:

[      Become a mentor to a young person.

[      Assist a crime victim with sustained personal support.

[      Give up your afternoon cappuccino for a month and donate the money you save to your favorite charity.

[      Do the bookkeeping for UMAATC.

[      Provide business counsel to a beginning entrepreneur.

[      Tutor kids in math or algebra.

[      Provide pro bono services in law, , management, taxation, or real estate.

[      Provide career counseling for UMAATC Participants.

[      Work in a rape crisis center.

[      Encourage your children to save their pennies for UMAATC.

[      Read text books to a blind student.

[      Work with families to stop child abuse.

[      Clean out your garage and give away out grown bikes and sports equipment.

[      Circulate a petition and collect signatures concerning an issue that is important to you.

[      Join a clean up project in a neighborhood, inner-city district or park.

[      Do remedial tutoring with a college student.

[      Offer your clerical skills to UMAATC

[      Train to staff a crisis hotline.

[      Remodeling your office? Offer discarded cabinets and shelves to a non-profit organization that needs it.

[      Share your experiences at a drug or alcohol abuse program..

[      Encourage children to collect cans and bottles and donate the deposits to UMAATC.

[      If you speak a foreign language: Offer to tutor students.

[      Donate your computer programming skills to UMAATC..

[      Volunteer to work at UMAATC fundraising Events.

[      Teach English to recently arrived immigrants.

[      Participate in conflict resolution for the community, neighborhood, or family disputes.

[      Teach job skills to the disabled.

[      Share ideas for community service with others.

[      Counsel dropout or troubled youth.

[      Become a court appoint advocate for a child in the foster care system.

[      Assist in physical or speech therapy in a hospital or rehabilitation center.

[      Volunteer to be the Youth Council Advisor and help the neighborhood kids organize and odd-jobs pool. It's a great way to keep the community beautiful.

[      Provide crisis intervention for families in conflict.

[      Volunteer to lend a hand at a battered women's shelter.       

[      Teach daily living skills to mentally challenged youth and adults.

[      Join a walk-a-thon.

[      Whenever you and your friends entertain ask guest to bring one item for the local food pantry.

[      Welcome people who have moved in your community.

[      Donate your word processing skills or knowledge of computer software to UMAATC.

[      Organize/Participate in a bike-a-thon for UMAATC.

[      Work as a counselor in a summer camp for inner city children.

[      Help with a local or national fund raising activity.

[      Donate useful goods (books, clothes, shoes, and/or games) to a UMAATC

[      Organize a drive to collect donations (for example: food for Thanksgiving, or toys for Christmas).

[      Ask your company to encourage employees to devote a paid work day to performing community service.

[      Donate old office computers to UMAATC.

[      Make a deal with your employer. If the employees in your company can raise a certain amount of money (say $500, $1000, $2000) for UMAATC, the company will match it.

[      Assist in an exercise program for disable individuals.

[      Commit with your co-workers, family and/ or friends to help serve meals at a soup kitchen.

[      Provide financial counseling at UMAATC.

[      Ask your co-workers to give up their afternoon candy bars and donate  the savings to UMAATC.

[      Teach first aid or water safety.

[      Participate in a read-a-thon for UMAATC.

[      Take a group of UMAATC kids to the circus.

[      Take UMAATC children on outings.

[      Place bins at store to collect clothes for the needy.

[      Start a coat drive now for those who may be cold next winter.

[      Assist in group therapy sessions at a youth center or halfway house.

[      Start a shoe drive and collect shoes that are in good shape to donate to an organization.

[      Ask grocery shoppers to buy extra canned goods for the local food pantry. Collect donations as they leave the store.

[      Help kids at a drop out center with their homework.

[      Host an inner city child in your home.

[      Organize a kids basketball shoot-a-thon with sponsor donating $1 per basket to UMAATC.

[      Answer hotline calls.

[      Hold a count-the-jelly beans-in-the-jar raffle charity.

[      Help at a Special Olympics.

[      Organize a comedy night to raise money for a charity.

[      Join a program to improve police-community relations.

[      Hold a neighborhood car wash for a UMAATC.

[      Help integrate an immigrant family in the community.

[      Organize 100 people to walk a walk/run a 10k race for UMAATC.

[      Interview and test applicants for job training for the unemployed..

[      Act as a language interpreter for UMAATC.

Reprinted from  http://cmjplatform.freeservers.com/home.html  

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