Universal Martial Arts Academy & Training Center

In the Kid Kicks Super Stars program, children from ages 7-12 (1st through 6th grade) begin in earnest to learn the Parker Kenpo system.  All New students are required to go through the the Mini- Introductory Program.  The student must earn the right to wear a belt.  There are three Belt Programs where student will progress from beginner to Black Belt.

Begginner - White Belt - Sr. Orange

Intermediate - Purple - Sr. Green

Advanced - 1st Brown - 3rd Brown

In the Kid Kicks class. Students have to be able to verbally explain the techniques.

In the Kid Kicks class. Physical fitness is also a part of the training at UMAATC.

Senior student leads the salutation.

Practicing blocks and punches
The students practice blocks and punches in class using protective gear.

(Left) Students earn Kenpo Kash Bucks for referrals, (right) Big brother helps his little sister with her belt.  Many families train together!


(Left) A yellow belt ceremony... exchanging white belt for yellow belt, (right) bowing after the ceremony.




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