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Sifu Speaks Out: Home Security and Burglary

With the onset of the holidays home invasions and burglaries are a concern of Texans. According to the 2002 Texas Crime Report, the estimated number of burglaries committed in Texas in 2002 was 212,702. This number represents a 4.1% increase when compared with number of burglaries in 2001.

Strange as it may seem more burglaries were committed in July than any other month, this may be due to the fact that most people take their summer vacations in July, The month with the fewest burglaries was February.

The 2002 burglary rate for Texas was 976.6 for every 100,000 persons. The change in the burglary rate from 2001 was a increase of 2.0%.

Of all reported burglaries in 2002, 65% occurred at residences. Forcible entry accounted for 64 % of all burglaries, while 32% were unlawful entries without force and the remainder were forcible entry attempts. Of the offenses for which the time of occurrence was known, 55 % were during the day with 45 % during the night, and the value lost was greater during the day (60%) than at night (40%).

In 2002, Texas burglary victims suffered losses totaling $351,440,979. This total represented a decrease of 4.8% when compared to 2001 total burglary losses. The average dollar loss per burglary was $1,659. The average loss for residential offences was $1539, while for non-residential property was $1,886.

In 2002, 18,815 arrests for burglary were made by TX law enforcement agencies. When compared to 2001, the number of persons arrested increased 2.5%. Of the arrests, 27% were juveniles (16 and under), with the remainder being adults; 91% were male; 76% were White; 24% were Black; 66% were Non-Hispanic and 34% were Hispanic. The age group with the largest number of arrests was the 15-19 year old group.

Wherever there is danger, there lurks opportunity; whenever there is opportunity, there lurks danger. The two are inseparable; they go together."--- Earl Nightingale

Home Safety Tips

General Safety Rules

  • Have a Plan, including your personal defense
  • 1st line of defense is the exterior
  • 2nd line of defense is the interior
  • Secure valuables
  • Mark large possessions (TV, stereos etc) with your Drivers License.

Perimeter Security

  • The perimeter is the area surrounding your home or apartment. This is the first weakness for the burglar/rapist looks. Can he/she approach you unnoticed?
  • Does your yard or sidewalk around home/apt provide a VISUAL ZONE? If not;
  • Remove or cut back shrubs, bushes, or trees that are too close to the entrance or against the house that may obscure the sides of your home from view.
  • What type of fence do you have? There are 3 types: Wood, Chain Link, and Stone.
  • Fence height should be 6' to 8' anything less is for decoration not security. NEVER put booby traps or barbed wire on your fence! In the city you may be charged with reckless endangerment.
  • Insure that fence gates are always locked. What good is having a gate that you cannot or will not secure?
For more information on Home Security, call and request a copy of the Home Security Manual and Checklist or call to schedule an in house seminar on the subject.

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