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Dr. Mack has been a national speaker for over 43 years. He gives presentations to all ages on subjects like "Yes I CAN! - How to Build a Positive Attitude" and " The Master 's Break" are ways to build character through courtesy, integrity, and perseverance" are already inspiring thousands of children across the nation. As a professional martial artist and law enforcement officer he can retain a person 's undivided attention due to the large interest people have towards the martial arts and police officers. Martial Artists and Police Officers in general are "heroes" in the public 's eye.

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Lil Dragons (Ages 2-5)
Kids Kicks (Ages 6-12)
Teens (Ages 13-17)
Adults (Ages 18 and up)
Silver Foxes (Retirees)

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The Women's Guide to Street Survival Seminar & Workshop
This  is an intensive ten hour (two 5 hour sessions) interactive Street Survival Seminar & Workshop that includes, role playing, group interaction and videos. It is designed for any woman who wants skills to prevent becoming a victim. Topics include: rape, patterns of rape, methods of assault, the stages of trauma, and tips for minimizing risk, the abuse cycle, the four types of abuse, and domestic violence. Participants will be shown techniques to protect themselves from future attacks. Husbands, boyfriends and domestic partners are encouraged to attend also. When a woman is attacked it not only affects her but her partner. Gentlemen come learn how you are affected and ways to support your partner if she is ever attacked.

(Left photo) Women's Street Survival Workshop, (middle photo) Day 1 Lecture - Some of the topics covered were What is Rape: Types of  Sexual Assault, and Types of offenders, (far right photo) Day 2 - Hands On Self Protection Tactics.

What they are saying...

Yoli  (far left photo) "I will definitely recommend this seminar to ALL my friends!.  Mack uses a very entertaining and funny way to present  very serious material.  Lecture time just flew by - very interested in taking more of the seminars he offers.  I WILL BE JOINING UMAATC! THANK YOU!"

Karina (middle photo) "The workbook has great information. Thank you for including the checklists.  Overall evaluation - Very Helpful" 

Judy  (far right photo) "Seminar was excellent!  (It) made me aware of a lot of things I wasn't aware of, and above all, that women are not the weaker sex! Thanks (smiley face)."

The Women's Guide to Street Survival-Mini Workshop
This mini-workshop is a hands on interact workshop where the basic self-defense art of Kenpo Karate is taught to participants. This is the second day of the Women's Street Survival Seminar Workshop. It  is a 5 hr long workshop.

The Women's Guide to Street Survival 8 Week Boot Camp
This Boot Camp is the follow up course to the Street Survival Workshop, where the participants get a more in depth training and practice opportunity on the basic self-defense art of Kenpo Karate. Classes are eight weeks for one hour. Only the participants of the Workshop may attend. Participants are also allowed and encouraged to attend one of the regular group classes offered by UMAATC.

The Professional's Guide to Women's Street Survival In - Service Training
This in-service training program is for adults only and is available to educators, counselors, law enforcement, service workers and others who have an interest in or deal directly  with women who have dealt with sexual assualt.  Topics for discussion will include: What is rape, patterns of rape, methods of assault, the stages of trauma, and tips for minimizing risk, also included is the abuse cycle, the four types of abuse, and what is domestic violence. This program can be tailored to fit your time constraints, but normally lasts 5 hours.

Home Invasion Seminar
This is an intensive 4 hour interactive Home Invasion & Safety Seminar that includes role playing, group interaction, and videos. It is designed for anyone who wants the skills required to avoid becoming a victim of burglary. Topics include: what is home invasion, burglary, and ways to protect oneself, one's family and home. This seminar is good for the whole family (ages 6 and above) to attend. You will be taught how to develop a Home Safety Plan in case you are ever home when your home is broken into. Apartment dwellers also learn how to be safe in an apartment. Attendees can receive up to 20% off their Renters or Home Owner?s insurance.

What they are saying...
Dr. Carola Hundrich- Souris "Overall it was outstanding and very very helpful!  There was quite a bit I was not aware of!  Great blend of practical information, resources and explainations."

Dr. Tyson Gibbs "Instructor (Mr. Mack) enjoys teaching the class. Literature has all the information needed.  Overall it was outstanding and I would recommend this course to others."

Dr. Jamilla Powers "Outstanding!  I recommend this course."

Car Jacking Prevention
In this seminar participants will learn what is a carjacking, where and how it happens, safety tips and features your car should have, safety tips when traveling and driving, what to do if you are taken hostage, and types of Anti-Theft devices for your car. They will also be able to apply for discounts on their car insurance. This is a 4 hour seminar.

What they are saying...
Renane Burbank "I was staying in a hotel in San Antonio when at 1:00 am an unknown male knocked on my door.  Thanks to what I have learned in the Car Jacking and Travel Safety seminar I was able to stay calm and deal with the situation without putting my self at risk."

Weapons Retention
Now that you have paid your $140.00 application fee and have paid for your 15 hours of mandatory and gun training, IS THAT ENOUGH?  Every year 75-80% of all law enforcement officers around the nation who are killed with a handgun in the line of duty are killed by their own duty weapon.  If you have a handgun you need to give yourself the EDGE!  Now in the privacy of your own home or office you can  learn how to prevent an attacker from taking your handgun from you.

(If you would like to sponsor one of these seminars or programs in your area

Gang Awareness Seminar Series
Madre 13, Red Dragons, Decepticons, Latin Kings... The names of youth gangs elicit strong, sometimes exciting images: baggy clothing, colors, tattoos, hand gestures, graffiti, guns. Although once confined to urban landscapes, these images and the gangs that create them are migrating. Gang-related incidents, from graffiti to drive-by shootings, are being reported across the country in urban, and now suburban and rural areas. Gang violence doesn't just affect gang members, as bad as that might be. It affects whole communities: families of gang members, innocent bystanders, people who are afraid to go out where gangs fight each other.

As gangs move into new areas, they also move into locations that were traditionally considered "neutral zones," such as schools and malls. It is estimated that more than 650,00 teenagers are involved in gangs. The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) has determined that initiatives aimed at educating young teenagers about gangs are the best forms of prevention.

UMAATC offers 3 Specialty Gang Seminars

Teen Gangs - Being a Part of the Solution
This program is presented in an assembly format to students ages 12 and up and is approximately 45 minutes in length. It is a straight forward, thought provoking, and realistic look at the dangers and consequences of gang involvement, it encourages the "good" kids to become a part of the solution and resolve conflicts without violence.

What they are saying...

Jezreal Orozco, age 13 " Outstanding, it was perfect, it was not boring.  It was fun and entertaining!"

What a Parent Needs to Know about Teen Gangs
This program is recommended to be held in the evening following the student presentations. It has been designed as a "wake-up" call for parents and focuses on community solutions. It is ninety minutes in length and has been modified from the in-service adults-only program detailed below to allow the kids age 12 and up to participate with their parents. Without exception, the parents are quite shocked when they discover just how much the kids know, whether they are involved in youth gang activity or not. The programs addresses the warning signs and identifiers and showcases programs which are successful in other communities.

What they are saying...

Dora Orozco "I learned about things I had no clue existed
in our community!  I would definitely recommend that all parents of teenagers or pre-teens attend this seminar."

The Professional Guide to Street Gang Awareness
This in-service training program for adults only is available to educators, counselors, law enforcement and others who have an interest in or deal directly with youth. Topics for discussion will include history and identification of gang sets, profiling gang recruits, gang recruiting practices, hand signs, graffiti interpretation and possible community solutions. This program can be tailored to fit your time constraints, but normally lasts 4 hours.

What they are saying...
Dr. Carol Wheeler-Liston "I am a substitute educator.  As such I am very concerned that the public schools do not train their substitute educators on how to identify gang related activities i.e. drawings, clothing, hairstyles, and hand signs to name a few.  However, we are to take disciplinary actions if we observe any gang related activities (which we do not know how to identify).  I am also concerned that substitute educators and faculty are not being backed up by administration when we do attempt to discipline students who exhibit these behaviors.  I attended this seminar so that I could learn what the gang related activities are.  This seminar was very informative and very helpful to me in my professional career.  I recommend that all educational professionals attend this or a similar program."

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