Universal Martial Arts Academy & Training Center

The Universal Martial Arts Academy & Training Center (UMAATC) is the brainchild and vision of its founder Dr.Alvin D. Mack Jr., Ph.D./Ma.Sc./Ma.Ph., 10th Degree Black Belt. UMAATC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to serving At-Risk Youth and Battered Women.

For over 19 years, Mr. Mack was active in Law Enforcement. During those years it became very apparent to him that Law Enforcement needed to change its focus from a REACTIONARY organization to a PREVENTIVE organization.

It is a documented fact that most law enforcement agencies train their personnel as after-the-fact responders. That is to say, they wait for a crime to happen then they react to it, after the damage or death of a person has already taken place. Mr. Mack has always been a strong advocate of preventive medicine, and he feels that the preventative philosophy can and should be applied to law enforcement (9/11 proved this). The best example of preventive law enforcement is COMMUNITY-ORIENTED POLICING which is slowly appearing in some cities around the country, but far too many agencies are resisting the change.

Mr. Mack's decision to leave law enforcement came in 1993 after he worked a double homicide of a teenage girl and boy who he had watched grow up from the ages of 10 and 11 years of age through the D.A.R.E. program.

Their deaths hit him hard, and he made a promise to himself that he would do everything he could to see that fewer children and women would be harmed due to a lack of information or programs that could help prevent these crimes. Although he had been teaching Kenpo Karate in the DFW area since 1985, in May 1994 he changed the focus of UMAATC from a for-profit organization to a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Its mission is to reach and assist as many of our youth and battered women as possible. Providing the bulk of the center's programs FREE to the community ensures that no one will be left out due to an inability to pay.

Mr. Mack's son, who helped him work with youth at the UMAATC for many years, was shot and killed on July 12, 1998 in Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Mack's son worked hard helping kids all through his junior and senior high school years. He died, believing in the principles that the Martial Arts taught him, just two months short of his 22nd birthday. Because of his death, Mr. Mack now had a third reason for making sure that the UMAATC survived, and the dream of a youth ranch, Triangle 2nd Chance Youth Ranch became a reality.

Then came Sept 11, 2001, the event that shocked America to its core and added America to the list of countries that are affected by terrorism. Mr. Mack decided, with a little convincing from his friends Lt. Gary Spector (retired Secret Service) and Judge Sidney Thompson, that he should return to law enforcement. Because of his background in nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare, as well as anti-terrorism training, he knew that he could once more serve his country and its citizens.

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UMAATC is a non profit 501 (c)(3) organizations that is supported by people like you.  If you would like to make donation please click the link below.